about Team Akiko

Team Akiko, named after Akiko Mizue, the author of ‘Hiroshima’, is a group of women from Hiroshima who have come together with two main objectives: to continue conveying the tragedy caused by nuclear weapons to the world, entrusting this mission to the next generation, and to ensure a persistent pursuit towards these goals.

Through her mentor Sister Aiko Watanabe, Midori Mizukoshi, our representative, came across the book “Hiroshima,” which chronicles the atomic bombing experiences of Ms. Akiko Mizue and her sister Ms. Hiroko Takanashi in 2018.

To convey the experiences of August 6, 1945, which the two sisters could finally speak about after 60 years since the end of the war, and to share their desire for peace with the world, members of this project who shared the same feelings worked on the English translation and publication of the memoirs, as well as the reading videos. In 2023, we realized Akiko’s wish to pass on her message to the next generation and produced English text readings video featuring students from the members’ alma mater.

We will continue our activities by collaborating with those who will bear the future to carry forward Akiko’s aspirations in the times ahead.